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28 Group Pty Ltd

28 Group Pty Ltd was established in Brisbane – Australia’s third largest city, in 2015. It provides a comprehensive variety of Australian investment advisory and professional services in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, especially to Hong Kong and other residents in Asia.

28 Group focuses on offering personalised services and tailoring the most suitable investment goals for every of our customer. These include overseas property purchases, asset allocations, project investments, land developments, immigration planning, and many more. We are familiar with local customs and market trends, and we are committed to developing new investment and lifestyle concepts based on the needs of our every client.

In addition, 28 Group Pty Ltd has adhered to the principles of long-term operation that prioritise integrity, fairness, and openness. 28 Group not only offers professional programmes, but also a complete service system that provides customers with extensive counselling and support with asset allocation and other issues that may arise during your immigration. Through our services, we believe that 28 Group Pty Ltd will provide everyone with satisfying results.

Our Services

We also offer opportunities to invest in large and small projects such as milk farms, vegetable farms, commercial transactions, wineries, land developments and shopping malls. Whether the purpose is investment or self-operation, we will carefully select the most suitable project from a variety of projects to best meet the needs of customers.

With its multicultural policies and major cities topping the world's happiness index, Australia has become a popular choice for immigrants. 28 Group selects the most suitable immigration plan for clients through professional registered immigration agents, including investment immigration, employer sponsorship, etc., provides assistance in the whole process, provides professional, high-quality, high-guarantee services, and guarantees that no fee will be charged if unsuccessful. fee purpose.

We have a wealth of properties, ranging from Brisbane real estate and luxury river-view apartments in the Gold Coast urban area to garden villas or townhouses with European and American characteristics, as well as exclusive development projects invested by the Royal Kingdom of Australia Group.

We provide study abroad consulting services to analyze the expertise of Australian schools and the possibility of immigrating to Australia in the future, and choose the most suitable school for you. Professional travel agency services can help you better understand campus life in Australia, enter school smoothly, and create a new future.

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28 Group Pty Ltd Company Number ACN 612 788 986

28 Group Pty Ltd (28 Group Pty Ltd) holds a full license for real estate business in Queensland, Australia​4039614