2032 Brisbane Olympics


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The impact of the Olympics

2000 Sydney Olympics

The last time Australia hosted the Olympics was the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000. After the Sydney Olympic Games, the then President of the Olympic Committee, Mr. Samaranch, hailed it as the most successful one in the history of the Olympic Games.


In 1993, Sydney's successful bid for the Olympic Games not only further enhanced its international popularity, but also attracted a lot of capital investment and tourists. Accompanied by this, Sydney real estate continued to rise until the Olympic Games were held in the following period.

Since Sydney's successful bid to host the 2000 Olympic Games in 1993, the real estate industry has prospered, and the hordes of investors have continuously pushed up the housing price, with the housing price increasing by more than 10% every year. Even three years after the Olympic Games, the property price has grown 66.4% significantly.